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Pledge to Respect Striking Macy’s Workers

Macy’s Workers May Strike For Better Safety

Hundreds of salespeople, customer service, and other workers at Macy’s stores in Washington may soon strike. We must help them by pledging to respect picket lines and shop elsewhere until Macy’s workers say striking is over. 

Liisa, who has worked at Macy’s Alderwood for 15 years, says, “We are so grateful  to our customers for pledging to not shop at Macy’s if we go on strike. We will all win if Macy’s addresses safety issues and workers can support our families. Thank you for helping by adding your name!” 

Macy’s workers are UNITED as part of UFCW 3000. They voted 96% in support of striking if Macy’s corporation doesn’t address safety and pay issues. 

Workers say Macy’s isn’t doing enough to address shoplifting and safety threats to workers and customers. Workers at Macy’s are also struggling to support their families and are demanding better pay for the hard work they do every day. 

If Macy’s doesn’t improve things soon, look for strike picket lines at: 

  • Macy’s Alderwood in Lynwood 
  • Macy’s SouthCenter in Tukwila
  • Macy’s Bellis Fair in Bellingham 

Show your support and help Macy’s workers WIN improved safety and pay. Sign the pledge to respect striking workers NOW!

Take action today.


I pledge to respect strike picket lines by Macy's workers. I will shop elsewhere while Macy's workers are striking. I support their fight for improved safety and fair wages.